In this post we are going to show you

1.How to install Coyote A(Ultimate Upscale) extension for Stable Diffusion.

2. Generating 10 exclusive images for you via MidJourney.

3. Showing how to upscale these images using the free tool in batches up to 4k or higher resolution.

Installing Coyote A(Ultimate Upscale) extension for Stable Diffusion

This is the tutorial for installing the extension, which is compatible with Automatic 1111 Stable Diffusion, which we showed how to install in the previous post;if you have missed it, Here is the link.

Go to this link here.

In the link given, Go to Wiki-How to-

There are three ways to install the extension. First way in from UI. Second Method is from URL. Third way is by Manual Clone. We will be installing the extension by URL(second way). Copy the URL link given in second method, as per the screenshot.

Now open Stable Diffusion in a new tab on your browser. Go to “Extensions”. Then go to “Install from URL” and paste previously copied URL, and then click on the install.

after a few seconds it will show as installed.

Now click on the “Install” tab and click on the “Apply and restart UI.” When it reloads, then we are done with installing the extension.

Generating 10 exclusive images in MidJourney

Now in MidJourney, we generate 10 images. We have showcased each image next to it’s upscaled version, and it’s prompt at the end of this post.

Upscaling images in Stable Diffusion up to 4k or higher

In the directory in which we want to save photos, we created two folders. one contains “Normal” images, The other folder we name it “Upscaled”.

The original image size is 1024 * 1024 . We now copy the path of the normal folder.

Open the Stable Diffusion in a browser. Go to the “img2img” tab, and then go to the “Batch” tab and then paste the copied path in “input directory” .

Now go back to “upscaled” folder path, copy the path and paste it in the “output directory”.

Now Scroll down to “Script” and choose “Ultimate SD upscale”.

Now go to the target size and select “scale from image size”. We keep the scale at 2 for now.

Scroll back up and click on “Generate.” It starts creating 2x sizes of each image. If we check in the upscaled folder, each photo size is 2048*2048.

For the next step, in the same path, we create another new folder called “Upscaled 2”. Now go back to stable diffusion and put the input directory as “Upscaled” and output directory as “Upscaled 2”. Keep other settings like the first time. then start generating.

We prefer to upscale the images in two steps, because it helps to maintainn the details of the image, and the end result will be of excellent quality. If you compare original photos with 2X and 4X upscaled versions, you can see that upscaled versions have not lost the original details and quality. That’s why we don’t recommend upscaling in one step.

We have provided a Google link to all three folders here. Preview of the ten images and their prompts also are listed below.

The perfect burger fallen, flame grilled, melted cheese, a little bit of lettuce, slice of tomato, pickle and sauces ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5

A stunning woman stands alone on a barren alien planet, gazing up at the vast and endless expanse of the cosmos above her. Her striking features and piercing eyes are accentuated by the soft shadows and perfect color grading, with no infrastructure in sight. The landscape around her is desolate and inhospitable, yet her presence and beauty bring a sense of hope and wonder to the scene. The wide angle shot captures the full majesty of the universe above her, with intricate details of stars, galaxies, and cosmic dust visible. The render style is hyper-realistic and photo-realistic, with an insane level of detail and resolution at 8k or higher. The lighting style is dramatic and cinematic, with glowing lights and volumetric lighting that add a sense of mystery and awe to the scene ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5

Grunge Monsters, whimsical, charming, quirky, vibrant, and playful, sharp, detailed, depth of field, Octane render, cute, group, neon colors and style, soft lighting, glow, 4k ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5

Female with long curly red hair ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5

Cyberpunk motorbike race, neon lighting, beautiful lighting, hyper realistic, octane, atmosphere, wide angle, depth of field, high detail, photo realistic, movement ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5

Game with insanely good graphics, full car body, photo realistic, random cars, red color cars, non city background, dreamy bokeh, rain, insane details, reflections, ray tracing, Unreal Engine 5, wet need for speed, ultra wide angle ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5

Use the unique atmosphere of a Parisian caf as a backdrop for a portrait of a sophisticated woman. Utilize the Fuji Film ZT-4 camera’s wide aperture to create a shallow depth of field, blurring the background and emphasizing the subject’s face and expression. Use creative framing and lighting to capture the unique ambiance of the caf, highlighting the subject’s poise and elegance.‐‐no greyscale ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5

A minimalist illustration showcasing the natural wonders of different regions, with simple line drawings of waterfalls, canyons, and other geological features, highlighted by bold color palettes that evoke a sense of wonder and awe ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5

Beautiful Landscape oil painting masterpiece, The Statue of Liberty, In the style of Beksinski and Leonid Afremov, van goghry Night, Pattern, mystical, vector ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5

Photo of a Hummingbird in flight, colorful, shimmering, lively, aerial, and exquisite, using Sony A1, lens focal length 135mm, natural lighting, aperture f-stop 1.2, golden hour, location in the Peruvian Amazon, sharp focus, Unreal 5 render, Photo-realistic, dreamy bokeh, beautiful greenery, sunset, 32k, highly detailed ‐‐s 750 ‐‐q 2 ‐‐v 5


To conclude, we find Stable Diffusion a very useful and practical tool for upscaling images, while maintaining all the details and it is free of cost.

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